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Hey there, I’m Angie and welcome to Retell Seller. I sell all kinds of goodies on Ebay & Etsy.

I absolutely love shopping as well as organization and I hate clutter. I have to be very clever with space in our small home. Selling online gives me the best of these worlds. I can shop until I drop, organize the shit out of it followed by offering it up to practically the whole world. Oh, and I swear like a sailor. I’ll try not to overdo it.

I don’t shy away from reselling anything online but, lighting is my #1 fave. Our house is full of lamps we use and even a few we’ve made.

An old metal fan completely refurbished into the perfect aqua blue lamp.
Via my old blog over at Ambient Wares

I do prefer vintage & antique goods including hardware, linens, photographs, glassware, mirrors, and more. If it’s quirky or unusual, I’ll buy it.

The name, Retell Seller, comes from my thoughts on the often lost stories, familial, etc. of pieces I find. I made my mom sit down with me one evening to go through old photos and tell me who was who. Even though I didn’t know many of them, I felt more connected. Saying that, and back to the whole love of organization and hatred for unnecessary clutter thing, I scanned all of our pictures I wanted, kept what I wanted in frames, and I no longer have boxes of duplicate photos, sunsets from god knows where, or photos so blurry it’s just a blob of color.

For my own enjoyment, I love writing in my journal, doing thought work, writing simple poetry and recording the day’s “adventures”. I received an HP sprocket a couple of years ago and it’s the best. You can print off photos, on the spot or if you do journal, it’s a great addition in recording your days. It’s wonderful!

We don’t have kids and I wonder what will happen to my incredibly embarrassing journals, digital photos, and all of my belongings when I’m gone. We do have plenty of nieces and nephews though. We’ve heard many times from them that our house is like a museum…only because we display our things. We change things out. We’ve made stuff. We SHOW people what’s important to us and have stories to go along with them if they want to know.

Everything has a story. Everyone has a story. So, while original stories may have faded away. Let’s create new ones this very day. There’s one of those simple rhymes for ya.

Glad you’re here…